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ST Drucksysteme is the leading company for screen printing machines manufacturing and is a very reliable supplier and partner.


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For an optimal process, the positioning, turning and printing has to be automated. Our machines are fully automated for best efficiency.


PAD Printing Machines

We offer eight different models of pad printing machines. We are sure that we can find the right one for you.

Pad Printing Machine

A pad printing machine is just what you need to make your product stand out from the crowd. Unlike other printer options, a pad printing machine is cost effective, easy to operate, works on virtually any kind of surface, and gives outstanding results. Feel free to contact ST Drucksysteme

Pad printing machine - why choose a solution of ST Drucksysteme?

As a leader in pad printing machine manufacture, we aim to offer our clients an affordable range that delivers inimitable Swiss precision and high performance in an affordable package. There are numerous advantages to choosing a high-quality pad printing machine. An electrically powered indirect gravure pad printing machine from our acclaimed range is easy to install and operate, and low energy consumption makes it an ecologically sound choice. And, of course, a pad printing machine can be used to add an eye-catching logo or brand name that will make your product instantly recognisable.

A pad printing machine is a real advantage in a world where brand recognition plays a massive role. And, a pad printing machine is an invaluable aid when details in fine print such as model name or number or manufacturer's recommendations are required. With a pad printing machine from our range, you can now add print to products that might otherwise have proved difficult to work with. Plus, you don't need to be limited to one type of item, font, size or colour, simply change the tampon to adapt your pad printing machine to each workpiece. A pad printing machine prints clearly and effectively on plastics and other materials making it ideal for items like PC chips, control panels, pens, bottles, lighters, golf balls, key rings, and even phones.

A pad printing machine - a simple but effective concept

Each pad printing machine is able to print on almost any type of surface, including uneven, indented, convex and concave surfaces. The addition of a printed brand name or logo enhances the aesthetic value of a vast selection of products, and a pad printing machine lets you achieve the stylish look you want for less outlay.

A precision guide allows you to place print exactly where you wish on objects of almost any size, shape or surface type and you can select the model of pad printing machine that best meets your needs from our comprehensive range with eight different models. No prior experience is really necessary to operate a pad printing machine and the process can be learned quickly and easily.

Today, clients from every sector rely on a pad printing machine to add distinctive print in 1 or more colours to products of every type. The concept is relatively simple but highly efficient and effective and a pad printing machine is particularly suitable for items with uneven or shaped surfaces that require fine or micro-print. Our satisfied clients have made their products more attractive to consumers with a pad printing machine such as those you can see now at


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