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Screen Printing Machines

ST Drucksysteme is the leading company for screen printing machines manufacturing and is a very reliable supplier and partner.


Varous Machines

For an optimal process, the positioning, turning and printing has to be automated. Our machines are fully automated for best efficiency.


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We offer eight different models of pad printing machines. We are sure that we can find the right one for you.

Screen printing machine

A screen printing machine is for you if you want superior print quality in a versatile package. A screen printing machine from our range is as unique and flexible as you and the perfect solution if you demand a superb level of detail and precision over a wide range of surface sizes. ST Drucksysteme has grown as industry leaders for high-tech 3D screen printing machines.

Screen printing machine - what can it do for your product?

Firstly, ask yourself what your printed products say about you? If your signs and banners, bottles and containers aren't printed crisply and clearly they simply don't look as good to your customers. Each screen printing machine that we produce at our plant in Switzerland is reliable and versatile and delivers precise, clear print of the highest standard. A screen printing machine such as those at can be adapted to the workpiece and is able to print on a wide range of different surfaces and materials. Plus, an electrically powered screen printing machine uses less energy making it a viable, environmentally sound alternative to other printers. 

Perhaps you're wondering if your product really needs a screen printing machine. Products which rely on modern screen printing machine technology include plasma televisions, banners and billboards, advertising panels for vehicles, clothing, artwork, cosmetics jars, bottles, consoles and mirrors. Bottles, jars, containers, signs, banners, mirrors and clothing are just a few examples of common items which have been screen printed. Whether you want to add your brand name or logo or if you manufacture a product that requires printed panels giving component or ingredient lists, a screen printing machine is an invaluable and cost-effective addition to your factory or workshop. 

Make a screen printing machine your next investment

A screen printing machine allows you to easily print directly on objects with curved or rounded surfaces. It can also he used over a wide range of sizes - small bottles or large banners are not a problem for a flexible screen printing machine. Each screen printing machine we produce is subjected to rigorous quality checks and is manufactured with typical Swiss precision and attention to detail. We offer small format and large format screen printing machine options - or we can create a specialised screen printing machine to your specifications. 

One of the main advantages of choosing a screen printing machine is its ability to print clearly and precisely on a wide range of materials including glass, plastic, stone, wood, vinyl, metal and fabric. The screen printing machine was developed in the 1960s as the process was refined and our screen printing machine range was created using the same basic concept. Ink is applied via a mesh screen and each screen printing machine uses a blade or squeegee to push ink onto the surface through gaps in the mesh. Though the process remains fundamentally the same, each screen printing machine we make has been developed using the latest technology and processes to give you exceptional results.

Why not take a closer look at what a superior grade screen printing machine could mean for you? You'll find more information right now at

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