Screen printing machine SMF-Servo

for printing  of cylindrical , oval or on combination of flat - cylindrical objects; like crawlers, KEG's, gas bottles, fire-exinguishers etc.

Compact automatic machine for the printing onto shaped, cylindrical, flat products.

Drive happens by servo motors. All movements, screen strokes, squeeque strokes, linear table etc. can be programmed and stored in the machine memory

Bottle cap printer WBA

This machine concept is developed for printing of closures in 1 color. The WBS is for small batch numbers and includes all necessary features for a modern industrial production.

The operator loads the closure into a feeder, which serve the closures to a sorter.

In the sorter, the closure will be sorted in such a way that the open part is on the down side. In this way the closures will be transported to the servo-linear conveyor. In the takeover station the closure are stacked onto the jigs.

After that, the closures are transported in the printing station of a pad printing machine. On this way to the pad printing machine they pass a gas flame pre-treatment station. With this pre-treatment the closure surface is prepared for an optimum ink adhesion. After the pre-treatment the closures are printed by pad printing.

To optimize the change over time and to set up the printing plate, the pad printing machine is equipped with an X-,Y- and Z-axes table.

After printing, the closures come to a drying section and are delivered to the customer sa bulk materials.

The whole machine control is done by PLC controller.

Bottle cap printing system DBA-2

Fully automated pad printing system, designed for the multicolored marking of closures (1-2 colored)

The bottle cap printing system DBA-2 is an economically priced machine for the decorating of bottle caps up to 2 colors.
The features are: Automatic loading by bowl feeder, pre-treatment,  electrical pad printing head 1 or 2 colors, servo driven linear conveyor,

Bottle cap printing system DBA-4

Fully automated pad printing system, designed for the multicolored marking of closures (1-4 colors)

The bottle cap printing system DBA-4 is an economically priced machine for the decorating of bottle caps up to 4 colors.
The features are: Automatic loading by bowl feeder, pre-treatment, electrical pad printing head 1 or 2 colors, servo driven linear conveyor,

Pad printing system is for printing on closure by 1-2 colors.

The closures are loaded manually into the jigs. By an rotary table the closures are transported to the first pad printing machine SL-100. In this station the 1 color is printed. After printing, the closure passes an intermediate drying.

Pad printing system for catheter tubes 

The tubes are delivered by roll. The roll will be fixed in a support at the right machine site.

By mechanical transport the tubes are feeded to the printing station. The transport system can be adjusted for different length. On the way to the printing station the tubes are pass the Corona pre-treatment station. The Corona pre-treatment is use to prepare the substrate surface for a good ink adhesion.

 In the printing station the tubes are printed by one pad printing machine SL-100. After printing the tubes pass an drying section.

After drying the tubes are cutted in a cutting machine to the pre adjusted tube length. The customer gets it as bulk material.

Assembling and printing system for humidification chambers

This machine concept was developed for In-Line production of humidification chambers and breathing masks. The machine is build for swaging and printing of the humidification chambers.

The single parts as: bottom, seal, floater and chamber are assembled and loaded into the jig of the servo – linear transport system.

In the first station the bottom will be swaged. In the next station the chambers are positioned in such a way that the print comes to the correct position.

The pad printing machine is equipped with two sealed inkpots and with one automatic pad cleaning unit.

In the first printing station the chambers are printed at the top and in the second station the chamber are turned by 90° and the printed on the side.

After printing the chambers goes back to the upright position and the linear-slide goes back with the chamber to the start position.

5 color Screen printing machine for cylindrical printing.

Model ZDM-5

With the production of the multi colour screen printing machine ZDM, the company ST Drucksysteme has completed their delivery program. The ST screen printing machines of the range ZDM are automatic printing systems for multi colour printing with a high colour registration of cylindrical oval and edged shapes objects.

The use of servo motors, for the drive of the print units are a guaranty of a high degree of accuracy for the operators, plus ease of conversion for other jobs. Programs for the various print parameters are stored on the machine memory and can be called up immediately as required. This means that the conversion will happen automatically.

The feeding system is supported by an electro mechanical rotary indexing table. All work stations, such as print units, feed and offload robots and curing stations are grouped around the indexing table.

By the use of a rotary table, instead to opt for other feeding systems, less jigs are needed. The printing objects are loaded into the jigs in the loading station, registered and then held until the offloading station is being reached. By the use of this system a high print registration will be guaranteed.

Each print head including squeeze and screen can be moved up and down by servomotor. Additional each

Squeeze (optional) and screen is driven by servo motor. While printing the movement of the axes are synchronised.

Screen printing system for cylindrical printing

The CPL-1 is designed for single and multi-colors printing on cylindrical items. It combines proven modules. 

The printing goods are loaded onto a slide at the left machine site. In the takeover station the parts are loaded automatically into prism holders of the transport conveyor. 

In the indexing stations the parts are indexed. With a screen printing machine the parts are printed. In the indexing station the goods are registered by an optical sensor for a proper print position. 

After screen printing, the parts pass the UV-dryer. After drying the goods are delivered as bulk. 

For further colours the goods can be loads again into the machine or the machine can be extended with additional modules.

Screen printing machines for barrel printing

This machine was developed and builds for printing on 200 Liter barrels. The machine is integrated in a In-line production.

The empty barrels are delivers to the left machine side by the customer. By going up of the guides the barrels rolls into the printing station. In this station the barrels are climbed and they turn for 360° while printed with a special screen printing machine. 

After printing the barrels rolls out of the printing system and will be handle by the customer for further working steps.


Screen print system for printing on  ski sticks, Nordic Walking stiks

This multi color screen printing machine was developed for printing on Nordic Walking, Ski-, and Trekking- sticks..

The sticks are loaded manually into the prism holder of a chain. The transport feeds the sticks in the printing station. By indexing unit the sticks are positioned that all follow colors are at the same position.

After printing the sticks pass the UV-curing section. After curing the sticks are delivered as bulk material to the customer.

The machine is build for several stick lengths. By adjusting the rail guides the conversion from one length to another one can be done very fast and easily.